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The begging of our company goes back to the initial activities developed by García Hoffmann Assessors, S.L. lead by Miguel García Hoffmann. In 2004, the company starts a new chapter with the incorporation of Jordi Bertran Ribera as a partner. Today, as the founder partner has stopped exercising due to retirement, having consolidated the entity with wide acknowledgment on the field of fiscal advice, BERTRAN RIBERA ASESORES S.L.P. becomes the natural successor of the company.

The professional activity of the partners in the tax area dates back to the early 1980s, when both of them started working as career officials to the Ministry of Finance, first on the Special Delegation of Economy and Estate of Catalonia and later in the Special Delegation of State Tax Administration Agency of Catalonia. This first period of professional practice allows them to know deeply the philosophy, the criteria and the details of the operation of the tax system from the perspective of the tax administration, element of great added value to exercise as tax consultant.

During all the years exercising in the private sphere, the company has been evolving and creating a solid structure by incorporating new professionals with the ultimate objective of providing private costumers or companies an specialized service of high level on the field of fiscal, accounting and mercantile, always giving the best solutions to their clients in a personalized, efficient way without losing the purpose of achieving an integrated fiscal planning.

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